Thursday, July 05, 2012

It feels like Monday all over again ......

Note to self - next time there is a midweek holiday take the next friggin day off as well!!!  I'm tired as hell despite the energy pills I took this morning.

Recap of the last few days ... Tuesday I hit the gym and pounded the treadmill for 30 mins (went 1.5 miles).  With yesterday being the 4th of July I didn't workout but did watch what I put in my mouth.  We had a shrimp boil so I stuck to mostly shrimp with a half ear of corn a quarter of a potato and just a scoop of pasta salad and cole slaw.  My sister in law made some fab white chocolate and sugar sprinkled strawberries I did inhale 2 of those and a tiny you could read the newspaper through it piece of chocolate cake.  I stuck to water and unsweetened tea to drink. Oddly enough I was fine with what I ate - I'm sure there will be some all and all cheat days coming my way at some point.

The 4th was a blast - just hanging out with good friends and family chilling and enjoying some silliness.. Lil man did really well considering how blazin hot it was. Though we waited until later in the day to venture out doors to join the party. We were surprised at how the fireworks didn't even phase him.  The only time he jumped is when the half stick went into a bag of flour... Here he is just waiting to get the party started!  In all honesty - this is just about the only time he slept yesterday.

Tonight I am hoping to be able to get in my shred before Ms Lady leaves for a bit and I am watching Lil Man. I do not want to skip 2 days in row!!

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