Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap up

It was a semi productive semi relaxing weekend..

Friday I got caught up with my Sister-in-law who was out of town for a week.. Hussy up and went road tripping on me.. Before hitting her house though we stopped at Jack-in-the-Box and that was my undoing.. I had an ultimate bacon cheese burger... Honestly it wasn't even worth the calorie count..

Saturday I deep cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room then we went that evening and hung out with friends and family until 1 am.  I did way better at watching what I ate Saturday, even with a get together tossed in there.  I also did not let myself get as hungry as I did Friday night which led to the melt down of cheeseburger.

Sunday I vacuumed the living room with in and inch of its life and watched TV.. I babysat lil man that night while his Mama went out to the dinner theater with her Nana.  I did a lot better with what I ate Sunday.  My Fitness Pal yelled at me for not eating enough - but with Friday nights over do it I figure it balances.

Hit the scale today and it had not budged - which considering Friday I am thankful it didn't go in the wrong direction.  Also I didn't really work out much this past week. SOOO with saying that ...........

This weeks goals are: at least 100oz of water a day. Working out 3 times this week and being mindful of what I am eating and when as to not get so hungry I eat everything not nailed down...

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