Friday, July 13, 2012

Day before The Glow 5k

Had to go get new tennies last night.. The inserts I had picked up for my old ones just were not getting it - there was no way I could do a 5k in those.  I also picked up my race packet and all the glow sticks they were handing out for the event. Its my first night 5k - I am thinking its going to be a blast!

I am looking forward to downtime this weekend - other than the 5k and going to get lil man's crib I have nothing planned this weekend - first time in a long time that has happened.  Its looking like a good weekend to purge somethings around the house and straighten up.

I have a few things in 2 rubbermaid tubs from high school - my letter jacket some drama productions t-shirts odds and ends all memories - how do you part with that stuff? I have condensed all my teenage memories into 2 tubs that are stored under our bed - I just can't seem to purge the rest of it.  Have you? How did you part with it? I know its just stuff and the memories are in your head - but I can't seem to put that letter jacket in a hefty bag and toss it - I mean I wore that thing EVERYWHERE I worked hard for the letter and every pin that is attached to that letter... I think its just going to stay in that tub and my daughter can figure it out in 60 years.....

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