Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIF- wow what a couple of crazy days its been..

Works just been crazy busy - my to do list has a to do list. I'll take busy over snail crawling slow any day however so its all good. I have already started NEXT weeks lists.

I dusted off My Fitness Pal login and started using it, and joined a new Fitness Group on FB - holy balls that group just exploded in 12 hours.  Its been wonderful to "meet" new friends who all have your back so to speak. The 60 fitness challenge starts August 1st on the group - psyched for that.

I have been recipe searching - tired of the same ol thing and need healthier options anyhow. I just winged it last night and dinner was pretty good, baked chicken with brown rice and loads of roasted veggies - I even had zucchini in there. Which is pretty big for me - in the old days I'd only eat corn and broccoli!  Tonight We are having Orzo stuffed bell peppers and salads.

Lets see what else went down the last few days - I discovered my favorite top is to big and I can no longer get them so no buying a smaller size.  I believe however we determined last night I can still get use out of it paired with a cami and some leggins or jeggings.   The other top is totally not workable and is destined for a donation pile.   I'm really starting to see results from the small changes I have made so far. I ditched my daily soda and stopped going to Starbucks every single morning for a latte.  Now soda is once a month or so and the latte maybe 2 or 3 a month. I am a HUGE unsweetened tea fanatic though - I drink those every day. I just need to get way more consistent about hitting the gym.

This weekend I need to purge some ole clothing and just generally start organizing my house.  I have some stuff in bags now to get them to the local Good Will! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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