Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random Tuesday

I saw this at the store last night ... is it any wonder American's are overweight?? Naw I didn't think so either..

Yep that is Ruffles Ultimate Smokehouse bacon chip dip - does not even look appitising to me. Even before I started on this healthier eating this would have turned my stomach. 

Random bit #2 Ladies, even if your office dress policy states casual - Capri jean, a yellow wifebeater -esk tank and flip flops of the shower shoe variation are NOT what they had in mind when they stated Office Casual Attire.  If you would wear it for yard work (not the Stepford wifes, they wear twinsets to weed) don't wear it to the office. No matter how relaxed your office has become it is STILL Corporate America.

Random bit #3 After surfing thepeopleofwalmart.com for a bit last evening - I have come to the conclusion white, tan, and dark brown leggins should be abolished .. UGGGG my eyes!!   Why is it some are drawn to the absolute worse thing in the world for them to be wearing. Some where some girl just put on a hookers rejects looked in the mirror and said self you look smokin - then hit the local Wal-Mart.. 

Random bit #4 I am down 4lbs from last week.. Hitting the treadmill tonight! 

Have a great Tuesday!

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