Monday, July 09, 2012

What a busy day

Mondays typically are and at the office every other Monday is more so.  Already started my Tuesday to do list..

Got my race info today in the email for Saturday night ... this is going to be a blast - my first night 5k ever. Did 1.5 miles on the treadmill then hit the weights for 20 minutes. Lunch is packed for tomorrow - left over boneless rib and a salad.

Today while reading a friends blog RadioVixen I thankful I am no longer trying to swim in the dating pool.  Holy Moley what the hell is wrong with people these days - and that was just a first date!! Thankfully for her its the only date. Dating has always been a challenge - isn't that what Sex in the City taught us??  These days though is it more so or are people just more desperate now?

I had a few real winners back in the day myself - I remember calling a friend from the bathroom of one such encounter for a ride then crawling out a bathroom window as my date also had hands everywhere. Thankfully not all the guys out there are socially challenged and you can find your prince!

Now I am just chilling on the couch with Criminal Minds - and rethinking tomorrow lunch after seeing what tonight's criminal does with the human remains once he is done with them - and winding down my Monday.

Have a good night!

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