Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I invite you to just drive

Over the past few weeks on my morning commute to work I have seen all of the various things listed below.. A women putting on full face makeup, a guy shaving, someone reading a novel (yes the book was splayed out on the steering wheel) a women eating a bowl of cereal and as always someone texting.

All of which have made me afraid to be driving in the lane next to them, behind them, or the scariest of all in front of them.  I understand running late - we all do so on occasion. I don't understand putting everyone else around you at risk.  Sure you have mad multitasking skills, sure your committed to being both on time and looking fab, I implore you however, to either call in late or show up less than groomed - take 2 minutes when you get to your destination and spruce up.  I'd much rather show up alive and less than perfect than a dead body that  is unrecognizable because of your distracted driving.  Texting while driving has proven to be deadly, please don't kill me because you can't stand to not text your friend back "gurl he was fine, & the jeans he wore made my tongue itch. L8ters" !  Eating while driving has been done for years, however pick something more portable - a bowl of cereal??  Lady a breakfast burrito will do more for you protein wise AND is much easier to hold and drive.  

Honestly if this is the norm for your morning commute, then take a time management course and go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier and accomplish what you need to in the morning BEFORE setting out. Frankly you don't have the right to put everyone else on the road at risk. Put some thought into prepping before you get in a car and turn the key. You really are operating heavy machinery and should proceed with caution.   

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