Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Digital disconnecting

Ever "unplug" or go "off the grid" totally for an extended period of time? Did you go all the way or just dial back on certain things?

I am contemplating disconnecting from a few things to regain some order, some time and maybe some sanity.     I am not one of those people who will just delete Facebook and walk away - let's face it I love my Facebook - but I am thinking of banning the games on there. I don't play many - but they are starting to feel like a second job. What started as a way to relax gets insane. Things wilt if you do not water them in time, certain things are only available to collect on certain days - WTF?  I have enough deadlines in 3d land now digital media wants me to have more ENOUGH!!

As far as my cell phone goes and being connected to email 24 7 - that'a a given with my job and that doesn't bother me.  What bothers me is if I don't answer the phone right way for people in my personal life they leave a voice mail, then text then call again - starting the cycle over. I get it you have something to say but maybe for the moment I can't give you my full attention. I have been known to do the same thing so I get it. I am however working on getting better at it. I don't really leave voicemails though as everyone I know hates checking them so if I do get your voicemail I will hang up and text you - to call me back  or what have you.

I always thought cellphones were for the owners convenience - anymore they are the owners leash.  We are SO connected that its nothing to see a whole family together - all on a portable device doing their own thing and not really checking in with each other - no wonder no one really knows whats going on in their own family. I believe dinner time should be gadget free time.

I strive to get back to the family dinner reconnect. Maybe in the near future I will be able to totally disconnect for a weekend....


  1. Popping over from the new Facebook group :) I just read the last few posts. WTG on the 5K! I really need to just pick one and make myself do it. Seems so empowering!

  2. Thank you....5k are fun.. The Glow 5k was a huge blast!



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