Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting closer

Saturday night the KC Glow 5k.. Can't wait!!

Tonight after work its a run to the store then to the gym,  I did nada last night. Yesterday was not my best day so I took the night off. Which still gives me time to meet my goal of 4 days plus the 5k.  My eating has been a little wonky as well.. So I need to rein that back in and '86 the nuts I munch on during the day at work thinking I was doing myself a favor and being healthy. Then I read the label..

Next week I can go back to hitting the Shred since I won't have the 5k to prep for. I'll retake measurements so that I will have an accurate accounting to go by. I don't think the ones I took 2 weeks ago count as I have not done the Shred every day.

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