Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Look

Its been forever since I got the ol blog a new look so I thought I'd try some updating.  The banner stays, that was a gift from a dear friend.. http://radiovixen.com/ and is still hosted on her site - even through the year of non-activity.. So thank you Vixen for that!!

How's the week going for everyone?? I'm gearing up to start a 60 day fitness challenge tomorrow morning!! I have registered for a 10k in September and a 5k in October. I believe with the fitness challenge though the first few weeks I am going to hit it hard with Jillian and The Shred - then toss in weights and the treadmill.

So I am hearing a lot about drinking 100 ounces of water per day .. how do you NOT live in the bathroom while doing that.  I got up to 72 oz yesterday and felt like I spent most of my day in the ladies room..

I have noticed however, with the changes I have made so far between the diet and the exercise I am seeing a decline in the severity of my headaches. (I have a headache disorder - I have had a daily headache every single day for the past 14 years - some days are way worse than others). I am cutting back the amount of medicine I am taking - that alone makes it all worthwhile!

What changes are y'all seeing that you didn't expect??

Tonight is dinner with my boss - so the workout will be put on hold for another day - I will be hitting the gym tomorrow. I need to make sure the MP3 player is charged.  I am looking at getting a new one - I have been eyeing the ipod nano.. I'm lusting after the pink one!!

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