Monday, September 23, 2013

2nd Day of Fall and Monday Ramblings

So yesterday brought Fall ... it was a gorgeous day light breeze, sunshine and 80 degrees out - totally my type of Fall day! Today is a repeat. I could honestly handle year around temps like these and be a content and happy girl!

The past few weeks I've been a bit discombobulated without any real reason for it that I can tell. Maybe its just because we have been on the go so much and for so long.  My attention span is shot and my get up and go got up and left.

Saturday I attempted to clean house - I had really wanted to tear it apart and do a deep clean. How it really went down was more like ADD cleaning a little in this room a little in that room. I did get the living room done but not the front hall closet or much of anything else. The kitchen table has become a catch all for everything again.

Next weekend I think its time to "go off the grid" again for a while and recharge.  I think the only thing I am looking forward to about Winter is that things slow down. Its cold and no one really wants to go anywhere or do anything. The fire place gets lit and movies tossed in the DVD player or a book read. Now that I can't wait for!

I have a 5k coming up next weekend that I am so not ready for it looks like ton of fun, but I am a tad worried about my knee especially since I did NOT see the inside of the gym for most of the summer. YIKES.  I also need to stop at the sporting good store and get a band for my knee to see if that helps the knee cap stay where its suppose to and maybe cut down on the "clicking" it does.

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