Monday, September 09, 2013

Hello Monday!!

Second week in September already.. Holidays will be here before we can blink. I have a friend who has already started the count down on Facebook..  Every year I say "This year we are going simple" annnnnnnd it doesn't happen LOL.. Oh sure I attempt it, then when it gets down to brass tacks I think its not enough and start adding.

This year I think I am just going to breathe and truly do simple and low key.  I have somethings in mind for the ladies in the family and some crafting I'd like to do. The guys I think I will hand over to D to deal with. I believe the only person I'll probably go overboard with is my grandbaby - That's allowed LOL.

Every year we do the holiday's at my Sister in Laws- she's got the most space - and that will probably be very low key as well this year, she will have a newborn and I am sure not up to putting on the huge spread. I have already hinted maybe we go to a restaurant.  I'm not sure how well received that will be however.

Now to figure out that whole crafting thing.....

What are your views on the holiday's this year? Traditions you can't/don't want to go without? Ones you would like to 86??

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