Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday - The Prom Link Up


Yes it was the 90's check out that hairdo and hoop skirt...I did edit the photo to protect the innocent - not everyone wants their high school pictures all over the internet :-)

I went to prom with my high school sweetheart, it was his junior prom if I remember correctly - who would later become my only child's father - no I did not get knocked up at prom contrary to my mothers belief - lord that would have been one long ass pregnancy seeing how prom was in May of 1990 and little Ms. Peep was born in Aug 1991 but wasn't due until November of 1991 but that's another story.

We doubled with a couple I had never met but the guy was friends with my boyfriend. His date come to find out was all of 13 or 14 - what the hell were her parents thinking??? She manged to get totally wasted that night and proceed to vomit on EVERYTHING. The side of the limo - the side of my boyfriends house you name it she puked on it.. Except for us thank goodness.

When I asked her if she was allowed to drink - as she's grabbing and throwing back a bottle of Jack Daniels - she informs me that yes, she does this with her parents all the time.. MMMkkayyyy SURE you do. So when we left to take her seriously drunk ass home I made sure I assisted her up the stairs, gotta keep her safe yanno, and into her house. I smiled sweetly and informed her parents their princess was bombed off her ass and told us " oh yeah I get wasted with my parents all the time" then left them to deal with her.

The dance dance itself was a blast. I had a great time - hanging out with friends, trying to keep that freaking dress under control (never wear a hoop skirt), dancing to the best music (yes the 90's had THE best music), ending the dance with Bon Jovi's Never Say Goodbye.. AHH high school memories....

So what was YOUR prom like??

Edited to add... Years later I had that dress taken apart and had our daughter's Christmas dress made out of it

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  1. Ohhh drunken 14 year olds! It seems like every prom has them! Ha. I love your dress. It's very Gone With the Wind!

  2. LOL Yes they do don't they! - Thanks...

  3. What a great story. Love the dress! Thanks so much for linking up with TBT this week! :-)

  4. Thanks Amy - and thank you for hosting.

  5. Gone with the Wind all the way!! Love it:)

  6. Thanks Reba.. I was so in love with that dress it was unreal


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