Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Mashup

Thursday's in the blogging world have several different themes I decided to mash them all together so....

Thankful Thursday:

For my job - yes its intense, high stress sometimes long hours, but I love it and there really isn't anything else I'd rather do - except do this job and win the lottery.

Friends and family - Some of you keep me sane - thank you.

JCP.Com coupon codes and rewards - I scored 9 new bath towels for $4.00. I have no clue where all my bath towels went I used to have a ton of them. I think we have 4 left.

The Fall TV shows are back on the air - this and boots are about the only thing I look forward to with the season change. I used to look forward to the time change but that's been jacked around so much its not even worth it anymore.

Thursday's Shit I don't Understand:

People who are constantly running late - WTF? Learn better time management.

People who steal equipment from the gym - uh why? Oh and thanks asshole. Its a small gym and it is noticed when you take the 10 lb free weights.

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