Thursday, September 19, 2013

Caught up with an old friend last night.... and the last few days of Summer

I finally got my ass back to the gym last night. Its been a crazy Summer and I really had no motivation to get off the couch after working all day. So last night I pretty much forced myself to go. Thing is I think I slept better and work up with more energy - its a hell of a cycle being to tired to go to the gym but the gym will give you more energy.

So this is what my stats on fitbit showed at the end of the day, yes (I went to bed at 10:16) - been a long time since I have seen anything close to this..

Yeah I'm still no doing stairs those are just the ones I am forced to go up in order to get in my front door. I go down them all day a work, but my left knee still hurts way to much going up so I rarely hit that step goal of 10 flights - which in fitbit world is 1 flight for every 10 feet in elevation you walk up.

So according to the calendar we have 3 days left of the Summer season - according to the weather man this morning I have 1 - just 1. Then a cold front comes in. I'm kinda sad about that. I love freaking love Summer. Shorts, tank tops, warm nights hanging out with friends sitting out talking until way to late. Sigh - that just doesn't happen much in Winter where I live, its too cold. 

However in the spirit of being positive and being in the moment I am going to try to not complain (too much) about the weather and the short days, lack of sunshine, being cold all the time etc... Besides this was in my email and its a good reminder..

If summer resisted fall, KayLynn, it wouldn't really be summer or fall.

Better to celebrate the season you're in... especially those of your wonderful life.

Everything keeps getting better,
    The Universe

So in the spirit of that - I am looking forward to pumpkin stuff - ie pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls. Oh and boots and leggings! As well as my favorite shows being back on TV.

What are you looking forward to?? 

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