Monday, September 02, 2013

Well its here .......

September begins, and it started with a bang.  I woke up with tooth pain. UGG I hate the dentist - or more accurately I am TERRIFIED of the dentist. Full blown panic attacks ensue when I have to go see the dentist. So I am less than thrilled with having to go see him Tuesday when the office opens after the holiday weekend.

The only thing worse is the massive pain I am currently in while I contemplate ripping out my own molar.  I did go to urgent care today for antibiotics and worthless pain medication that does nothing. I'm also not a happy camper that my 4 day weekend is filled with pain and having to go see the dentist.. Dear universe when I said I was pretty sure I couldn't handle anything else it was NOT a challenge!

I did pick up some new eye shadow, primer and one of OPI's new fall nail polishes this weekend. I have already used the polish on my toes and am in love. Its very different from what I usually wear, its a metallic green and purple. Which is hard to tell in picture but it is an awesome color.

The pallet on the left is Nyx smokey and the right is Nyx naturals  

The polish is OPI's Peace & Love & OPI from the San Francisco collection. Depending on how the light hits it depends on the color pattern you see. 
 I can't wait to get my manicure and see it on my fingernails. 

While Summer is my favorite season I am looking forward to Fall's fashion and colors and the decline of bugs. I'm tired of getting bit!  What are you looking forward to about Fall??

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