Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear - Please stop asking me how do you remember _____ I don't remember them, no one who went to a large high schools knows everyone in their graduating class.. I get it your trying to still make bank now that everyone has connected on Facebook.

Dear Dentist - Please don't hurt me.

Dear Farrah Abraham - Shut up you are a moron oh and close your damn legs.

Dear Creepy Sales Guy at the Mall - No means no I don't want your $400 jar of miracle cream  and putting at 20 times magnification mirror up to a woman's face is just douchy.

Dear Media - Just because a woman steps out sporting bling on THAT finger doesn't mean you need to piece together a bs story on are they or are they not engaged.  Lots of women wear rings on "that finger" its not like its taboo to sport a ring if your not married..

Dear Pamela Hicks - Well aren't you a lovely bit of sunshine.  16 years after Princess Diana's death you have to come out to the media and blast her. Uh did you think about how her son's would feel about that.  I get your Charles' cousin - which makes you family but you really should know better than to slam a person 16 years after her death. Keeping it classy "Lady" Hicks..

Dear Calendar Year - Please slow down, I'm not ready to start thinking about Christmas shopping just yet.

Dear 50 Shades of Gray Casting - WTF??

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