Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another Late Night - or a Super Early Morning??

This weekend has not been the best for sleep for me.  Between the abscessed tooth and the fact I am normally a night person I have been up super late every night since Friday night. Last night/this morning I finally went to sleep at 6 am.  Despite that I only slept til 10:30 or so. Thankfully I am still off work Tuesday, but Tuesday night I have to get some sleep.

Monday was a pretty laid back day - which honestly are my favorite kinda days.  I finally made it in for a manicure - it had been 5 weeks. Honestly that is unheard of for me I am there every 2 weeks like clock work. Life has just been that busy.

Pretty sad looking.. 

Those are not my nails but since I can not capture the colors in this polish well at all I had to search the interwebs for a good picture. This polish has quickly become a favorite of mine.  The color changes depending on the light and angle in which you are looking at it. 

After the much needed nail salon trip D and grabbed a late lunch at Houlihan's then headed to the mall to exchange some bra's I purchased. I managed to buy the wrong size twice that's how much of a hurry I have been in and how much stress has been up in my world. I mean seriously who does that? I know my size I remember searching the racks for it and then proceed to purchase the wrong ones TWICE.. 

After the mall we hit a local pawn shop - to shop not to pawn, where I found this little beauty at an insane price - so it had to come home with me.. It is a black and white diamond cross over ring. I have had my eye on a similar one at a jewelry store. 

After that we hit Kohl's where we managed to find D three pairs of jeans. Which is a huge score as it is so hard to find him pants that are ever long enough never mind find 3 pairs that were on sale. At 6'6 when you find pants long enough you purchase all you can find - the sale is a bonus!  

Now I am just sitting here watching the DVR, blogging and having some downtime. Pretty successful day - How was your Labor Day?

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