Monday, September 30, 2013

WHEEEEEE What a Weekend!

Well that sure passed by in a blur - was that a weekend? Friday night was just relaxing at home, watching some TV.

Saturday D and I went on the quest to find me a bad prom dress from the 90's for this coming Friday's Bad Prom 5k. Ok people where did all the horribly bad dresses go? Did they all get burned when we discover how bad they actually were? I found zilch...

I did find one that I thought might work.  I stood in line wait for a dressing room - kinda not believing I was actually going to try this thing on - I am a HUGE germaphobe and here I am in Salvation Army getting ready to try on a used garment in which I am totally unknowing of the source - don't get me wrong I will take hand me downs FROM PEOPLE I KNOW.

Any way I digress, as I am waiting for an open room I start to get the feeling that a couple who are both in one dressing room - presumably to not take up the only two fitting rooms in the joint - are actually getting it on. D and I stared at each other in amazement. Yes I have heard of dressing room relations - but isn't that usually in a place other than a thrift shop in the middle of the store??

After all that the dress - if you could even call it that - didn't fit. Even if it did I don't think I would have attempted a 5K in it. It was a bodysuit with tulle attached come to find out. That fact was NOT noticeable hanging on the hanger. I discover that in trying to put the damn thing on. Plus my boobs were way to big for it.

After that it was time to get lunch and figure out plan B since I had been to all the thrift stores in town and came up with zip. So at the bar and grille I started Googling DIY tutu's. Totally came up with directions from a mommy blog who made one in 4T. Just add more material right.. Nothing could go wrong... Yep I am winging it - will let you know how it goes.

I dropped $20 at Michael's on Sunday to make one. Haven't started it yet. I did however get some bad ass galaxy printed leggings to wear under this to be made hot pink and white tutu. I'm pretty sure there was some chick a prom back in the day rocking something similar....

Sunday D went to the Chiefs game and I went to the office to do billing paperwork. After that I went shopping... I got the leggings and the tulle for the tutu. I also got a kick ass new bag that I am loving right now.  Ended the day with the Broncos game, tossing dinner in the trash (it was horrible), another run through billing and Breaking Bad.

How was your weekend??

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