Thursday, October 03, 2013

Thursday's Shit I Don't Understand

1. How you can claim to be independent - yet you need every one to do things for you. You get pissed when people can't be at your beck and call and them emotionally put them through the ringer. Yet you claim to not need anyone and that no one EVER has been there for you.. Quiet honestly BULLSHIT.

2. While I am it I don't understand how you can always say "I'm trying my best and no one gives me credit for that" Possibly because no one else is allowed to say "oh I did my best" you let them know that it's good enough and them continue to beat them in the head and heart over everything.

3. How everything can be so black and white with you - when it comes to the rest of us - for you however the rules are so different, so many shades of gray with rules bent around you to serve your purpose and run your agenda.

4. If no one is ever there for you, maybe you should check out a mirror and discover why..

5. The entitlement you feel and get angry over when you realize the world doesn't owe you jack ... I know school screwed you over when every one always got ribbons and medals for having their shoes on the proper feet.  Now there is an entire generation who thinks their fecal matter doesn't stink.  I know your parents - you were not born a princess - suck it up buttercup. I promise, you do not fart glitter and rainbows!

6. Your perception that everyone is always yelling at you, talking snotty to you and disrespecting you is nonsense. When you give snotty you are going to get snotty back - and no we did not start talking you in that tone of voice either - you did. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your tone with everyone is ghastly. We are not responsible for all your stress and bad times in life - you are.

Make the choice to be happy and get that baggage worked out while you are still young.  You can only let the past poison the future for so long then you have to stop pointing fingers take responsibility for your life and the decisions you made. Own your part of the "bad shit" and fix it.

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