Friday, October 25, 2013

I Believe

That once people pass they still speak to those of us the are connected to here. I believe that they know all after they pass, that they instantly have all the answers and clarity.

When my Great Aunt passed we discovered that other family members had told her that they had called and we refused to come. She had been asking for my mother. This bothered my mom that my Great Aunts last thoughts were that her niece refused to be there for her. I told my mother that I didn't believe that, that I knew in my heart the instant that my Great Aunt passed her knew the truth, she knew that we had no idea she was in her last days that her other nieces did not tell us (in fact we didn't know she passed until a month later) that I believed that the instant my Great Aunt passed she knew and saw the tremendous love my mom had for her.

I believe that our loved ones are with us all the time, giving signs even playing little jokes.  This belief was reinforced this morning when I signed on to my Google Plus page (I'm rarely there, and its existence was/is purely business purposes as my company was a beta tester before that thing went live) to double check that all my security settings were still as I wanted them to be.

 I had a message pop up from Google Talk when I got to my "wall" from Tom. Its been a little shy of a month since Tom passed and a few days after he had left us I deleted him from my messenger as I had a hard time seeing his name there and knowing I couldn't reach him. The very last message he sent to me popped back up and yes I had seen it the day he sent it so it wasn't a message that I had just not received because I had not been signed in  - I use Talk on a daily basis, it is how our office communicates - I think he just needed to say goodbye in his way as we had not been able to.

No, thank you Tom, you are a beautiful soul... 

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