Monday, October 14, 2013

The time I published and forgot a title....

Is it me or does time fly faster the older you get. Anymore when I blink the weekend is over, the season is changing and its the end of the year already... wow. According to the weatherman - btw I am so not a fan, Today is the best day for awhile and its not even that great. The rest of the week is supposed to be cold and wet. I know its fall in the Midwest - shush. This weekend was glorious however and I did enjoy it, knowing its possibly the last for a long time.

Saturday was my sister in law's baby shower. It was a good time and the ladies who hosted went all out.  I had picked up my mother and drove her to the shower. That was easier than giving directions or having her follow me out. In hindsight I should have just had her follow me to the shower and drove at a snails pace.

The car ride was pleasant enough, then we arrived at the hostess' house and my mother in true form started in when introduced to my friends. The back story here is a whole other blog post. Right on the dot at 3 she tells me that she needs to go home as her dog has been in the house since noon. So I ask her do you want me to drive you or do you want to drive yourself?  I can have D come get me if you want to drive yourself. She informs me that No, I chauffeured her there I can drive her home.

Saturday night was spent at home watching the DVR and just chilling after the shower and the Mama Drama. I contemplated getting my bottle of Moscoto and not moving for the rest of the weekend and probably would have achieved that goal had I not had to go to the office Sunday and reviewed billing to get it ready to go to the accountant.

After coming to the office Sunday and working on billing I hit the nail salon for a mani and to cut my nails down. They are super short to me as I am used to long nails - I had them cut down to just over the tip of my fingers. though you can't really tell and they still look longer than they are..

D went to the Chiefs game and witnessed 2 world records being broken - the one for loudest sports arena and the other one was for the most flyovers at 1 time. They are also 6 - 0. I am really looking forward to the Broncos/Chiefs game in November. My Broncos are also 6 - 0!

See they really as just over the tips LOL

My 20 lb "I am so a lap cat" cat 

 The odd search terms that find my blog.... 

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  1. I have one of those 20# lap cats too! Sounds like a pleasant weekend minus the mom incident :)

  2. The big "babies" are so much fun aren't they? Mine is a long haired maincoon - what's your baby??



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