Monday, October 28, 2013

That's What You Get When Wu Tang Raised You...

Another weekend flew by.. Started my Friday afternoon with this....

Yep got all excited all a 13 year old going to a One Direction concert when I saw it too!! 

Then Friday night we grabbed dinner and last minute costume stuff for the party on Saturday night. 

Saturday afternoon was errands. I got my nails done then hit the liquor store for our drinks for the party.  Next time we have an SNL themed party to go to I'll do a bit more research into the people we are dressing up as.. I am not a SNL fan so I knew almost nothing .. OOPS 

We went as the Spartans ...

This was my WTF is he doing thought..

 And this is my I hate sweats in public thought... they make everyone look bigger.

Sunday mid morning I managed to make it to the office to get billing reviewed before it's submitted Monday. Even going to bed at at a decent hour I don't make it to the office on Sunday's that early.. I got there a little before 11 and I did it without my Starbucks - whoa.

Sunday afternoon I hit the pedicure chair with my sister in law - no I didn't do it on Saturday when I had my mani- and got my first pedi since March.. Must make it to the pedi chair more often. Honestly I'd pay just for the foot massage and the polish.. 

Today we are waiting to hear if they are inducing my sister in law this afternoon or tomorrow morning.. Can't wait to meet my niece!!! I have all nephews ( I disowned my full grown niece) and its been YEARS since there was a baby girl (my Princess Peep is 22) so I am excited. 

How's YOUR Monday..

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