Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Got it From My Mama

Weight has always been an issue in my family.. The only female on my mother's side of the family that was small framed and didn't have a weight issue was my Mamaw.  Out of all my sisters and my niece I am the smaller framed, tiniest female.

Staying that way however is a struggle. One thing I have going for me is that I am fairly active. I do workout as apposed to just watching whats going in my yap or taking the latest diet pill on the market regardless of side effects. I grew up watching my mother try every fad out there. We won't EVEN talk about the 2 weeks she was on the cabbage soup diet that was therapy inducing..

She also was on FenPhen and is to this day pissed its off the market. Health inducing issues be damned - when I mentioned to her that it was killing people he said I'd rather be dead than fat.. Come to find out Mamaw was on some major drugs for weight management as well - in her defense it was the 50's when it was given out like tic tacs when she become addicted and no one then treated the addiction.

Is it any wonder ALL of us girls have body issues?? None of the role models have been healthy ones.  Each looking for a quick fix - my Niece even went so far as gastric bypass and lost a shit ton of weight in months - however she fixed none of her issues and although shes not morbidly obese anymore she has put back on a fair amount of what she paid to have take off.

I will admit to taking supplements to get over a plateau and kick start things but I am never on them for very long and don't consider them a fix. The only thing that is a fix is what you eat and how you move. You can't not get lasting results without that partnership.

I get it. I do however get pissed at times that I do have to watch what I eat and I have to workout or the smallest cheat sticks around. If I am not careful I scrap it all in frustration and end up starting over.. That I also get from my mama and years of bad examples...

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