Friday, October 18, 2013

Work Bitch

Yesterday was leg day - so yes it hurts to sit to potty - y'all know what I am talking about!!

Love this song - its great for working out - I just wished they would not have photoshopped her. I think she looks great without the help and honestly its a bit hypocritical to say "you want a hot body then work bitch" and then have your editor digitally enhance your video...

Another picture that has gone viral that is causing a ton a hate is this one...

Word out is that people have decided this image is "fat shaming" - yeah not so much. What it IS doing is calling out excuses because everyone has a fricken metric shit ton of them. Myself included.  She's, Maria King , and calling attention to the fact EVERYONE has the same 24 hours in day. 

The "I am mom and am busy" line should not be what you use to keep yourself from being healthy. She's saying I have 3 kids AND take the time to get fit and healthy AND so can YOU.  I will take it one step further and say if you are a mom, you do not have the luxury of NOT being healthy - you have kids who depend on you and very state of health for their well being.

Yep its hard work, yes getting started in intimidating - but you CAN do it. Start with making one healthy decision a day and build on that format. Soon most of your decisions will be healthy ones and you will be amazed at how things are changing. How much energy you have to play with your children, how your clothes fit. 

Even how your children start to make their choices. When they see you reaching for better food they want better food because you have it. We all know they HAVE to have what mommy does - so when you have fruit instead of Cheetos they want an apple too. 

A little food for though. 

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