Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get Back UP

Its never to late to Get Back UP - lately I have been eating what I want still in moderation but no where near clean or healthy and the gym has been a distant memory.. Biggest Loser started its new season last night and I am kick starting the healthy again myself.  I have more energy when I am kind to myself by being conscious of what I am putting in my mouth and by moving my body.

While I haven't gained anything major I have lost some of the tone I had worked to get... UGGGGGG I HATE starting over and yet here I am starting over again... Good thing is its never to late to reboot or even reload your OS (sorry geek talk spilling out).

I have had the same excuses everyone else does - to tired to busy to many responsibilities to deal with it right now.  Here's the deal ... Yes I am busy, yes I have a lot going on BUT I owe myself the same consideration and dedication I'd give to anyone, in fact I owe myself more.  I deserve to be healthy, feel amazing and even look good. Yes I OWE myself all of that. Frankly so do you. You owe it to yourself to get off your couch and move to watch what your putting in your body and even how you spend your time.

So what nice things have you done for YOU?

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  1. Starting over is my life long mantra.... Never give up.

  2. Mine too! Thank you for the encouragement - it just seems harder to get back up each time...



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