Friday, October 11, 2013

Raise Your Glass

Well hello Friday - how are you?? Nice to see you again, come sit stay awhile would ya!

I went last night and got my hair cut - when you wear it short you have to keep to regular haircuts or it just looks like hell and fast.. Going next Wednesday for color ;-)

Its shaping up to be a fairly busy weekend ... Saturday is my sister in law's baby shower, should be a blast its her first girl... WHOOP all pink!!! I have a few things I have to pick up for it - food wise - I've been baby shopping for a few weeks weeks now.. Baby girl stuff is soooo cute. Can't wait to meet the newest Princess.

I need to stop in and get my nails done this weekend - they have grown out and the gel just isn't looking that fresh - its been 4 weeks so its time.

I also need to find D and I Halloween costumes for a friends annual Halloween / Birthday bash - this year is a SNL theme... No clues here NONE.

Sunday I have the billing to review for work - every other week baby... I also need to straighten up the house and do laundry. D will be at the Chiefs game. I need to remember to send ear plugs with him - the stadium is going to attempt to reclaim their Guinness Book of Records world title for the loudest stadium.. Kansas City held the record Until September 2013 when the Seahawks took it. We want it back!!!

In other news my town placed 4th in the top ten of hardest working mid-sized cities in the US. Ha we knew that all you had to do was just ask us! In celebration I am declaring lunch today to be double cheeseburger day (nope totally did now need an excuse was gonna anyhow - this just makes it sound better LOL).

Raise Your Glass and have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Spartan Cheerleaders all the way :)

    1. Yes Ma'am - now I just have to go find the costume!



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