Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Carpet Crawlers

I think titles are the worst things to come up with - I am just going to start using song titles or lyrics and possibly Big Bang show titles.. whether they match the topic or not is another story.

And yes that's a real song title up there - Phil Collins cira 1981 and the song is as wacked at the title ... SCORE..

Had a nice time last night just grabbing some burgers on the Plaza with D for his birthday. I had stopped on my way home and got some insane cupcakes. So we had dinner walked a little bit on the Plaza then headed home for cupcakes. OK he had a cupcake and I had a bite I ate to much at dinner.. Warm pretzels with mustard and gouda cheese, a burger and truffle fries and I was done for.. Must get to the gym today...

While the weather is still nice I'd like to make it back down to the Plaza to walk around - the JC Nicoles fountain is pink for October, I love it when they do that and I'd like to finally get decent pictures of it.

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  1. Ha! I hate coming up with titles too! Sounds like an enjoyable evening.

  2. Titles are the worst!! Sometimes I think they are even harder to think of that actual content!
    It was a wonderful evening - thanks for coming by!


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