Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Hello Monday - wasn't ready for you at 6:15 this morning I'll admit it but lets get Monday done and in the books!!

Friday was the crap icing on a craptacular week last week just sucked hard and outloud. Midway through the day D emailed me and asked how my day was - and yes this is a perfectly acceptable answer - vodka send vodka was the reply.  Friday night we opted for a pizza and video game night.

I got home and ordered the pizza and changed into lounging clothes. The pizza and D showed up at the same time and D had vodka and cranberry juice! I worked out my frustrations killing stuff and drinking - awesome Friday night actually.

Saturday during the day we just chilled D played his new game and I read 2 books and got a workout in.   Saturday night we hit Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar.. had a great time! I love the piano bar its a fun time. I managed to drink 7 Absolutes and Cranberries - oops ..

I do have one question WTAF is up with guys wearing their hair in a bun? I saw 3 guys in the bar sporting this style. When did this become popular and why on earth hasn't anyone told them how silly they look??

I also learned that Taco Bell makes a fab shredded chicken burrito (don't judge, I haven't been to Toxic Hell in over 8 months.) All I kept saying was "DAMN this is a GOOD fricken burrito, hey babe did you know they make a GOOD fricken burrito". D was sober and swears they are that damn good sober as well so it wasn't just the vodka. He did however suggest I do NOT look up the calorie count on that bad boy - I'm gonna heed that advice, in fact once 8 p.m came I stopped counting anyhow and declared a free for all.

Sunday I got up around 10:30 ish, nope no hang over either, D was playing his game again so I started reading another book.  About 1 we headed to Kohl's and got D some new jeans and a few shirts - yeah we did clothes for father's day since I bought clothes for Mother's Day and frankly he NEEDED new jeans bad!  After Kohl's we hit the New York Dawg Pound for some hot dogs and fries - yeah another no count day ;-) man they were good.. Sunday night Princess Peep brought Lil Man over and we played with him for almost 2 hours before he was tired out and ready to go home and get a bath and head night night.. Love that Lil Man he flat cracks me up. I taught him to say Batman - or something similar.

How was your weekend??

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