Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

Fitcamp does what they call transformation Tuesdays, in all honesty because its easier to see progress when you do side by side pictures. Just looking in the mirror everyday doesn't make it click. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say "I'm not getting anywhere, I see no change and I am frustrated" as soon as you have them make a side by side they are generally blown away.

So on Tuesday's everyone posts an older picture right next to one taken either that day or a few days earlier.  I haven't done a transformation Tuesday college as of yet because frankly there are very few pictures of me from back when. I am generally the one behind the camera. Yes by design - everyone hates to be the fat girl in the picture so they are the first to volunteer to take the pics.

There is a drawback to that however so STOP IT - get in the picture or you will discover there are no pictures of you. No pictures with your daughter, your husband, your mom or even your dad who passed away a few years ago so there is no time left to get a picture. GET IN THE DAMN PICTURES!!

 Your family and friends don't see a fat girl - they see the person they love, who makes them laugh, who hugs their fears away. Your kids see the wonderful person who kisses their boo-boos and makes the closet monster go away at night. Years from now they will want pictures to look back on and "remember the that one time".

I know its hard to stop being critical of yourself - but give yourself a break you would never say to your best friend "bitch your too fat to photograph" yet you say it to yourself all the time.  Be kind to yourself - if you're not going to be, who will?

The picture on the left was taken circa 2007. The one on the right was taken this morning. Yes, I got photo bombed by the cat.. 

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