Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday's Shit I Don't Understand

Frozen lunches where there is more than 1 of the same item in the packaging yet it says its a serving of 2 - how are you splitting that shit up?

This whole Paula Deen scandal - I have read the complaint and all 149 pages of her deposition and all I can say is OMG seriously Paula? I get she's busy and really isn't involved with either restaurant, but its a clear case of the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing. I get the whole raised "old school" in the south but shit. Don't even get me started on her brother Bubba - that man is just scum.

The name North West ... say huh, um ok. Yes they have explained it and why but still ... I do like the nickname Nori.. Their name of choice has spawned a bunch of jokes - my favorite being that Kim vagina is now being renamed the North West Passageway..

Why weekends are not 3 days long all the time. I really need a Saturday part 2 tossed in there.

People who say they wished they had time to get fit/workout but they are SOOOO busy, then spend 5 hours sitting on the couch every night watching TV. Either get up and do something about it or shush. You don't get to complain you hate being overweight sitting on your ass filling your mouth full of Cheetos.

I don't understand how someone can defend a persons "right" to say things that are offensive to an entire race of people and 3 facebook posts later state "May God have mercy on America" over the Supreme Courts ruling today in regards to same sex marriage.  I do believe I read somewhere your higher power is against ALL kinds of hate, You and Fred Phelps will figure that out one day I suppose.

What has you confused today???

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