Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

WOW what a weekend - I actually started mine Thursday at noon..  I ran some errands then headed home to unwind and watch trash tv.  That evening I picked up antibiotics for lil man and ran them over to his mom and hung out with them.

Friday I slept in a bit and just hung out. Puttered around the house, surfed the net watched TV (yeah there's a theme here it was my weekend to just be, D was out of town on his annual boys fishing trip).

6 ish I met up with my sister in law, nephews and my mother and father in law for dinner at the Olive Garden - which at that point in time I remembered that I had forgotten to eat that day. (Actually happens often lol)

Friday night I grabbed the laptop loaded a DVD into it and cleaned out the closet and my dresser I have 4 huge bags of things that are now too big destined for Goodwill.. Holla. I will admit however to looking at the clock at 11 pm and thinking WOW its 11 on Friday night and I am cleaning closets LAME.  I finally went to bed about 2 am.

Saturday the alarm went off at 8 am and I lounged in bed til 8:30 then up and got ready to meet a friend of mine, we had plans to go into downtown KC.  We had a good time lots lots of laughs.  I came back home about 1 ish ordered some Jimmy Johns watched Friends with Benefits that had been on the DVR waiting on me forever.

Early Sat evening I got a call from Peep asking me why her Aunt DA was leaving her a voice mail about her Nana and what the hell was going on. I had just left CVS so I went flying to my moms to see what the eff was up. Turns out my darlin mother has an admirer who was stalking her - she had called T-Mobile and asked that they block his phone number. Someone there royally fucked up and blocked ALL incoming calls - I guess my sister has been trying to reach mom all day and couldn't then we no one else picked up their cells she called the police to do a welfare check.. Its funny now - I wasn't amused then as mom wasn't going to call the police at first.

I hung out at my mom's until almost 10 just chatting and Peep and Lil Man had shown up. We had a good time just visiting. I headed home to finish sorting and purging stuff, walked in the house changed into a tank and shorts then back out on the deck where I then proceeded to rip open the bottom of my left foot.  I apologize to the neighborhood children who learned many new words that evening.  I gouged it open pretty good and deep my language matched ;-)

Sunday was my normal errand day. I headed to the office to get my paperwork done as Monday was our billing period then headed to Wal-Mart to get my nails done and the weekly grocery shopping. There's 3 hours of my life gone. Seriously I got to there at 1:30 and did not leave until 4:15.

Next weekend I do believe we are going to DO something. Maybe the piano bar or clubbing. The last few weeks are really starting to sound like we are in our golden years.. Fuck that - its time to paint the town red for a change!

How was your weekend???

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  1. I love love love piano bars!!

    1. Same here .. Ernie Biggs is always a blast!


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