Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shit I Don't Understand

Here lately there are quite a few things that I just don't get.

1. Using the picture of you the day you went into labor as your "before" picture.

That is so not a before picture, that is a picture of you in all your glory getting ready to deliver a new person.  That is also NOT your starting weight. Take a picture and weight at 6 weeks postpartum and go from there.

2. The whole "real women" have curves meme craze.

So what you are telling me is that the women who worked really fricken hard to be toned, strong and healthy are not real?? WTF kind of concept this that?  By the way "skinny shaming" is just as bad as "fat shaming". Knock it the fuck off - as long as blood is flowing through her veins ALL women are real.

3. Women coming to work and applying their make up in the public restroom.

Girl were you not just home? you had to be because strewn all over both sinks in the public restroom is a makeup kit drag queens would kill for. Most people don't carry that in their purse.  I can understand rushing in the morning and waking up late, but chicky you do this 3 times a week. Oh and btw YES blue glittered eye shadow IS a bit much for the office - save it for your reapply tonight before you leave for the club.

4. Women who freak the hell out for licking a snickers bar.

Yes this was a REAL conversation, Ms. Lady was tripping out about how she blew her diet and fell off the wagon hard. When you got down to brass tacks ALL she had done was lick the damn mini snickers bar and then threw it in the trash.  Whatever calories she absorbed by licking the damn thing I am certain she burned by walking to the trash can.

Ladies get a grip - you can indulge every once in awhile - if you don't then what the hell do you do to enjoy life?? Why bother trying to be healthy and live longer if your going to life like a martyr?? Eat the damn mini snickers bar!!

What's going on that you just quite don't get these days???

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