Monday, June 03, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Pretty quiet weekend around our house.  Friday night we just chilled and watched TV as D had to work the next day.

Saturday I puttered around the house, read and caught up on my DVR. Seriously low key day. I did attempt to get some yoga in at home - I say attempted because the 20 lb (yes 20) maine coon cat that allows us to live in his house thinks that every time I lay on the floor and contort into funny shapes that is his cue to come help. Read lay on the floor and bop me on the head or come try to lay on my back and he gets pissy when I move him.

Sunday I went through all my old jeans that were to big but damn near brand new and put about 10 pairs in a bag to sell at Plato's Closet. I figured I'd get about $45- 50 right? They were all brand new, worn a handful of times and came from places like Banana Republic or were Lee jeans (Plato's only takes label's). HAHAHA Was I wrong. I had over and hour wait (everyone was there cleaning out closets) and they only wanted 2 pairs - apparently they are "not accepting flares at this time" Grand total $13.25 for 2 pairs of jeans that were like $70 each and almost an hour and a half of my time... Meh I'll take it that's almost 3 Venti Soy Lattes ;-)

I left there and ran to the ultimate Geek/Nerd heaven (Microcenter) to pick up a desktop pc and monitor for work and dropped it off at the office and headed home.  Shortly after I got home my daughter brought lil man over to visit. Highlight of my weekend right there, playing with my grand baby.

How was your weekend?

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