Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi There Friday and where did May go??

How come Friday is so far away from Monday yet Monday is so close to Friday???

Its been a typical short week - cramming 5 days into 4.  Next week will be short as well I am leaving work Thursday at 12:30 to start the weekend..  I am looking forward to some downtime.  Next week is also when D goes on his annual guys fishing trip. Which means the DVR, a bottle of wine, my kindle and me in sweats on the couch for 4 days!!!  Living large y'all living large ;). I might fit in a workout or two.

Yesterday I went and chopped off the rest of my hair. I am loving the short sassy cut.

Huge plans for the weekend? Not here - I am hoping to just chill, straighten up the house a bit and read.

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