Friday, May 03, 2013

Mayuary- also known as Mother Nature is severly unbalanced & flashback

So this was yesterday .. May 2nd

Yes that is the start of SNOW... we got more but the Internets ate the picture I had of it.  Snow flakes have only fallen 4 times in May in Kansas City - this is only the 2nd time in history its been measurable - the last time was May 3, 1907 with 1.7 inches - we got a little bit over that yesterday.  It was almost totally gone by this morning - but the rumor is its going to be cold into the middle of next week with maybe a little more wet white stuff... 

Frankly I am sick of being cold, wearing 50 layers and still shivering. I want to pull out my flip flops for more than 48 hours!!! 

Yesterday was also Throwback Thursday - and I posted this little gem on Instagram... Holy glamour shits Batman - circa 1994 - 1996 ish .. I can't remember when I took this.. My mom put it in this gold frame and gave it to my husband (I had given it to her back in day).  D can't figure out how he got it - he doesn't think it looks anything like me - so its still not been hung up - its living in our bedroom beside the wall and nightstand for the moment..  

The other 2 were take in the past few days.  Big difference well and 18 years LOL   - Sorry about the wonky alignment - blogger hates side by side pictures...

This weekend since it is still going to be cold and nasty out we are going to do the big clean out/Goodwill organization project.. Both D and I have clothes we won't ever wear again and just stuff we don't use that needs to not live in our space anymore..

What is on your schedule for this weekend?

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