Monday, May 06, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I had planned a fairly quiet weekend at home closet cleaning, but in the spirit of being spontaneous and coming from a place of yes when I got the text from my sister in law about lunch and hitting the flea market I texted back YES.. Besides everyone knows cleaning closets SUCKS!! Yes I know it HAS to be done but why do today what I can put off until the end of time?  

So we met up and went down to the New York Dawg Pound - where I indulged in a wonderfully chili cheese dog with fries.. YUMMMM awesome hot dog. We then got back in the car and headed bargain hunting with my oldest nephew along. In between stops he gave Auntie an education (hes almost 6 and I now need to go get my highlights redone to cover the grey) kids pay more attention to whats on TV than you think, lets leave it at that because drinking straight vodka at 11:54 am isn't cool LOL.

I was expecting more of a swap meet type environment, when did flea markets become so boutiquey?  I liked some of the things there but it was like walking on to a 3d Etsy store.  I guess I am used to the flea markets that are set up on a parking lot somewhere under a bunch of tents. I saw some really cute things but nothing I couldn't live without so I left it all there - plus I still have closets that need overhauled LOL.

After that we headed to the Cold Stone Creamery where I not only proceeded to order the Founders Favorite I ate that sucker in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl!! I ate the whole fricken thing with the exception of half the waffle bowl. After that I went home and napped for awhile.

After my nap D and I met my sister in law and both nephews at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner where I again proceeded to eat like the concepts of calorie counts did not exist .. Oy Vey it was good..

Sunday came and I work up about 4:45 with a migraine (sodium overload anyone??) So I pretty much took it easy until the afternoon when D and I hit the store to stock up for the week.

D went to a friends house to video game it up for a few hours and leave me to the quite house and a throbbing head. I watched some TV then decided hurting or not I HAD/NEEDED to get a work out in. I started with the squats I needed for the challenge 70 of them by the way then headed into Shred.  About 10 mins into the shred the fog lifted and I started feeling better (also when I layed down for the abs my back popped in every way possible ahhhh relief!) Gotta love endorphin's - natures pain pill!

Today its back on track and a big ass salad for lunch - there's no counter attack for the way I ate this weekend BUT there is getting back on the wagon and not slashing  the other tires simply because I got a flat.. Cheers!!!

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  1. I hate the salt headaches, I wanted to cry after I ate a giant delicious plate of nachos with salted chips yesterday.

    And now to counteract that, I really want ice cream in a waffle bowl...

    1. OMG it was the best ice cream .. probably because I have not eaten ice cream in months


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