Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Fever, Sugar and Spice Influencer VoxBox

I received my first VoxBox and tore it open like a 5 year old at Christmas..

Packed inside was Schwartzkopf hair product from the Osis+ line - I had the Rough Rubber texture paste in strong control.

NYC lipgloss in Red Apple

Secret Outlast Completely Clean 48 hour deodorant

Impress press on nails with in a nude color with a black lace detail

TastyKake Peanut butter cake.

I'm not gonna lie the first thing I did was rip open the Tastykake and inhale it.  280 calories later, while it was good I was left wishing there was more of the peanut butter I had been expecting - it truly only tasted like a hint of peanut butter. Not to say I didn't enjoy it - I had just wished that the flavor had been more present.

The Rough Rubber Paste is a little ball of awesome. I have thick wavy hair that is hard to deal with - pretty much the reason why you will always see it flat ironed.  I flat ironed it as usual then used the paste to piece it out.

A little of the paste goes a long way. Start with a pea sized amount in the palm of your hand and let it get warm - then work it with your fingers a bit to get the paste malleable. I found using a little on my fingers then piecing certain sections of my hair worked the best. Then I worked what was left of the product through the back of my hair to give it texture.  The paste held all day which with my hair is a miracle.

I had reservations when came to the clear deodorant - i have never been thrilled with any of the clear products - they feel strange going on, they don't last and they always feel sorta sticky. I'm sorry to say this one is the same as the rest. I may just not be a clear deodorant person.  Secret promises 48 hour protection, I found after a few hours in Midwest heat and humidity I was reaching for my standard deodorant.

NYC lipgloss in Red Apple - This looks like a lipstick with a lip gloss feel. There is a complimentary color "ball" in the middle of the product this one happens to be a pink in the shape of an apple. I really did like this product I just wished it was in a color that was wearable for my skin tone. I am not normally a lip color person but I will be looking for this in the stores in a color I am able to wear.

Impress press on nails - I did not test these as I wear acrylic.  I will be passing them on however for someone else to try.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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