Wednesday, May 01, 2013

So What Wednesday & Lil Man's Birthday Month!!

So What Wednesday

If you think you're charming ...  that only gets you by for 15 minutes after that you better know something.

If you were the 'it' thing in high school - its now the real world and they don't care.

If the weather guy is just reporting what the computer models say - when he tells me its going to snow May 3rd I get to flip him off... Today its 80 ... The end of the week its this...... May freaking 3rd - yes i'm seriously unhappy about it!!

If I have been saying I was going to Spring clean the last 2 weeks in a row, Springs not over - heck based on this weeks forecast Mother Nature's keeping it hostage!

If I am a grown women - a Darth Vader potato head still needed to be on my desk in my office!!

Its May 1st witch brings up to lil man's birthday month - I can't believe how fast this last year has gone by - seems like just yesterday his mama was still pregnant.

Today when the city tested the tornado sirens I was reminded of last year when I had taken Peep (lil man's mama - I have called her Peep for years) to Walmart and a tornado had been spotted - we were stuck in the bathroom for over an hour. All I could think of was please don't go into labor in here with a tornado landing.  She was 9 months pregnant at the time and every time they would get ready to call all clear the sirens would go off again.

Lil Man an hour old - he stole my heart immediately

Little Man at 10 months - taken 3/30/13

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