Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Friday!!!

WOOOT Its Friday!!! Holla

This week has been a long interesting week.. Work's been booming and I have had a lot going on.  I have been hitting the gym pretty hard after work and have added weights back into my routine - my shoulders are screaming..

Lets see Wednesday I received my Glam bag after it took a detour to Maryland.

Disregard the background stuff - I really need to clean off my kitchen table! The Can of stuff is dry shampoo which I'll toss in my gym bag for emergencies. The white pencil is highlighter in Ivory - I used this Thursday morning and LOVE it so simple to use swipe and blend and you are done!

The lip pencil is a soft pink.. I don't do lipstick except once or twice a year so this may hit my drawer for a long time. I'm just not a lipstick person I hate that it gets everywhere, your coffee cup your napkin etc. I know there are products out there that don't get on anything but that is a whole different ballgame - they feel weird on and take an act of congress to remove - that is if they don't get sticky after an hour. Meh no thanks.

The blush is a mosaic product and the colors blend pretty well together - it was the first time I have used a product with this concept. I have high hopes for this and want to see how it handles the day and the Midwest humidity - thus far my all time favorite is MAC.

Ah the bane of this months Glam Bag - every review I have read is not good - this looks like glitter eye shadow however it is actually glittery body product and should be no where near your eyes - its suspended in petroleum jelly (paging breakouts). The colors however are very eye shadowy colors so I can see where it is being mistaken for eye shadow. I'm passing mine right on to a friends "tween" as I am way past the age of wearing body glitter (paging Mariah Carey).

Tonight after work I am headed straight to the T-Mobile store and finally getting me a new phone.  Mine is full and no longer functioning properly. I am leaning toward the Samsung Galaxy 3  - yes I know the 4 is out but after checking the features and comparing them I think the 3 will fit nicely what I need and certain features of the 4 are really just going to piss me off. Especially that eye function where you scroll screens using your eyes. I just know I will be in the middle of a business email look at the phone wrong and then BAM my email is gone. I'll just save the frustration and bitching now and get the 3.

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