Thursday, October 09, 2014

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Better known as Thursday's Shit I don't Understand:

Pink eye shadow - Yep I just do not get it. Lets face it pink and black are both number 1 when it comes to my favorite colors. I have seen lots of ladies pull pink eye shadow off and do it well. However, every single time I have tried to wear pink eye makeup I come off looking like I have a horrendous eye infection..

That would NOT look like that if I attempted it!

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds - yep last week was the first show of the new season and her first so maybe they just need to find the groove but I am not to sure I like this new twist. The feeling just seems different and "off". I will give it a few more Wednesdays to see if they all sync up. If not I may just watch the reshowings on TNT and CLOO just to see Shemar Moore..

Teresa Giudice's hair line...

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Why is it so low??? I am not even going to get started on her Fraud convictions.....

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