Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

 The Christmas store at the mall is open - this makes me ragey. For fuck sakes its not even Halloween yet.

I'm not really looking forward to the holiday's much less Christmas. I don't care how much people say "It's all about friends and family" they are lying - don't buy them anything and see how they act. Oh they may not come out and say a word but their demeanor and mannerisms will be different. Its why Thanksgiving is D's favorite, its just food and family & friends. No one expects anything but turkey and dressing!

I will be glad to see this year go.  When I said it was going to be an EPIC year - NONE of this is what I had in mind.

I'm sick of a grown family member's childish behavior. They happen to be jealous of their own child and it makes me so angry that I'd love to just slap the snot of out them.

If I hear EXCUUUUUSEEEEE ME one more time in "that tone" I may just snap.

I just read this list over and I am apparently in a real shitty mood - its the pain (back is STILL fucked up) and exhaustion.

Someone asked me if I thought my nails were to long - NOPE I like them this way and who the hell asked you - I don't even KNOW you. Maybe you should stop biting yours!

I am taking vacation time in December, not going anywhere but the time does not roll over so I need to use it. I am hoping that its peaceful and that I can relax.

I am hoping to find a better mood tomorrow!

Vodka and Soda

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  1. Lol Christmas stores don't bother me, I guess I really like decorations for Halloween and Christmas. I wish I had more vacation left. An extra week with no plans would be nice.

    1. Its too soon!! LOL. Its not the decorations that get me - its that its mid October and they are already up. It starts the whole "wait, what I only have HOW much time left??"



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