Monday, October 13, 2014

Mainlining Caffeine Monday

Today is brought to you by vast amounts of Starbucks.. For some strange reason my brain decided to turn on about 1:30 am this morning and run a fucking triathlon. So I am "functioning" on 4 hours of sleep and its Monday - SHOOT ME NOW. It also happens to be the Monday when we do a huge meeting with a review of the last few weeks projects and determine if they are complete, close to completion. Usually takes a few hours and can get intense. Not something to attempt on not much sleep BUT.....

This weekend was a pretty good mix of chill and getting a few things accomplished.   Saturday night we hit up the late night showing of Gone Girl and all I can say is WOW. I had not read the book so I had no ideas going into the movie.

It is long I will tell you that. Its a little over 2 and a half hours long. We didn't get out of the theater until after 1:30 am. It is also VERY worth both the length and the cost of seeing it on the "big screen". Now I need to go get the book and read it. I have been told however, that the movie doesn't vary off the book by much at all. Stands to reason the author also wrote the screen play. In my opinion that is the best way to take a book to the screen.

The next movie I can't wait to see is Mockingjay... November will be here befor you know it!

Sunday I finished up our taxes to be mailed off - yes I know what month it is.. I filed an extension. All I can say is that 6 months FLEW by. - I also caught up on my DVR recordings - well some of them - and lounged around. Sometimes Sunday's are just for staying in sweats and holding a remote.

The next two days it is supposed to do nothing but rain, which has me wishing they were days off, in sweats cuddled in a blanket with the remote and my kindle. Gray and cold are not my favorite days and I hate having to go out when its like this out.

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