Friday, October 17, 2014


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Looking forward to this weekend. Hoping to find new boots - last year I couldn't find anything I liked so I didn't replace my old pair - just wore them out a little more. So I really need to find ones this year.

I'm also hanging out with little man this weekend. I am taking him to get a haircut then headed out to play as long as the weather holds - if not we will be hitting the local mall where there is an indoor playground.

I'm laughing way to hard at this..

Wanting to reorganize my house and get rid of some more things. I'd love to get a new couch and a rug for the living room. i am also seriously sick of the mini blind look and want curtains - at the moment that's the easiest to solve so that just may happen Saturday!

Worried about my mom - something is up that she is not sharing. All she will say is I will let you know when I have the answers.

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Currently this is my all time favorite The Voice Battle

Whats up with you currently???

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  1. omg, the Edgar Allan Ho. I'm dying. I may have to steal that pic and post it on IG. Too funny.


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