Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Too Much

It took me a really really long time to learn this.. I admit there are times when I forget. Hey I'm a work in progress.

I try to not apologize for everything, though sometimes I slip I am a girl and most of us were brought up to apologize for EVERY damn thing. I have seen women walk into an inanimate object and on reflex apologize to whatever it was that they walked into. Men generally will loudly ask "who the hell put that there"? 

I have apologized profusely to various people my entire life for being to sensitive. These days I refuse to. I am a sensitive person by nature - so what. That truly IS who I AM. Just maybe my reaction was spot on - perhaps you were acting like a total asshole. Why do I need to apologize to you for not just accepting your horrid behavior. 

When I was younger it use to be a game "see how long it takes her to cry". For the record not long, when you are being down right cruel. Also for the record the game of How long does it take is pretty fucking cruel. Keep in mind when dealing with a sensitive person, they were made that way for a reason and maybe you need just a little more sensitivity. 

I may be too much for a lot of people, but frankly that is okay and I am done apologizing for being too much for you. There are people who think I am "just right".

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