Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Vodka and Soda

I need to seriously get back in to the flow of blogging. I have had so much going on personally most of which I didn't want to just toss up here and get into an area of "over share".  There have also been a few situations, which are out of my control, that have left me pondering taking the blog private, open to reading by invitation.  To be honest I have pretty much been watching what I post/say on ANY social media forum.

The back pain I have been dealing with all Summer is still with me, albeit not as bad there are some totally pain free days now. I am still not able to work out though.

There are a TON of changes going on in my life right now, thankfully it looks as if a "normal-ness" is on the horizon. Three cheers for that!!

I am so glad The Voice is back and I am loving Gwen and Pharrell - I really wasn't sure if I would.

This is my ALL TIME favorite clip from the blind auditions.  Beth Spangler did an amazing job singing the hell outta this song.  I also love how sassy she is.  I love her hair to boot ;-) I can't wait to go back to blonde..

Stay strong! Friday IS on its way!! 

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  1. i didn't know the voice was back on! i admit that i didn't watch it because i heard adam dyed his hair blond which grossed me out LOL

    thanks for linking up!

    1. His hair thankfully, is back to normal! Yes, ma'am it is back and battle rounds start next week!


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