Monday, October 27, 2014

40 Something Weekends

Remember weekends in your 20's? Non stop partying, girls night out Friday maybe a date on Saturday then brunch with the girls ala Sex in the City.. Yeah not so much when you get older. In your twenties you bounce back immediately - not so when your 40. Now if you do that you will need two days vacation/sick time from work to recover!

The 40 something weekend looks way different. Friday night we grilled out with friends as the weather was kick ass this weekend. Then we watched game 3 of the world series. We were home by midnight. Yeah I didn't go to bed until 1 am but I was home in sweats by midnight watching TV. Catching up on my DVR. I have been watching Kendra - wow that is hard to watch. I could not imaging going through that much less filming it all.

Saturday we took Lil Man to the park to blow off some steam.(I took no pictures, I had put the phone away and concentrated on being IN the moment) We ran around for a few hours then hit Perkins - he wanted pancakes. At the moment pancakes are his favorite. He asks for them at EVERY meal. Since he was with Noni and Papaw he got chocolate chip pancakes and half my omelet sausage and potatoes LOL.  We got home about 2:30 and he crashed hard.

I got hit with a migraine so I also laid down and ended up taking a short nap after hitting the pain relievers and the coffee (I hadn't had any yet that day). Thankfully it only took a few hours to ease. When I got up and was able to see clearly I started planning the weeks meals. When I actually sit down and plan evenings go so much easier than when I hit the store and toss a bunch of crap in the cart thinking yeah I can make something outta all this. It also stops the dreaded "Whats for dinner question" I HATE trying to figure that out after a 10 hour day.

Saturday night we hit Walmart and got the grocery shopping done.  Yep 10 pm and we were out grocery shopping. It was way better than Sunday afternoons at Walmart. There were no screaming kids or pissy people. Still took an hour but it was a way better experience. I got everything we needed and wasn't stressed.

Sunday was so laid back, since we did everything Saturday I was able to just chill. I tossed a ham in the crockpot at noon watched some TV, surfed the internet and played with Lil Man until it was time to finish dinner. We had some ham, mashed sweet potatoes and corn. Its been a long time since I have cooked an actual Sunday dinner.

How was your weekend? Have you noticed a change from your 20's to your 30's and beyond on how your weekends are used??

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  1. my weekends are SO different from my my 20s, i'd be coming home at 7am!!!! now, by 7am, i have already worked out, eaten breakfast and already at the office!

    1. Same here! I started on Thursday nights out late up for work early Friday then party Friday night coming home about 7 ish Saturday morning - up all day and out again Saturday night until 7 or so Sunday morning. Now that would kill me LOL


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