Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Letters

Hello Friday!!  Nice to see you again.

Dear Blog sorry you did not get the overhaul and new look yet - its been a crazy busy week.

Dear Prince William and Duchess Kate - cute baby! Thanks for giving him the male form of my middle name, its always cool when someone names their child after you. :-)

Dear My Fitness Pal - I think need to break up. You are way to time consuming and needy - I know what I need to eat and what portion sizes are.  Its now gotten to a point where all I think about is how many calories are in stuff and after a chat I had with Meg yesterday in email I am not eating enough anyway which explains why I am so tired these days and why my body has stopped changing.

Dear D, The crazy will slow down sometime this fall (fingers crossed) - thanks for hanging in there. I love you.

Dear Lil Man, OMG you are so cute - I love how you get so excited that you can walk now. Thank you for coming by last night - it made my day.

Happy Friday y'all make it a good one!!

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