Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Blog I promise to update your look soon, I am also tired of the Victorian look.

Dear Week thank you for being over, now please explain why I have been so exhausted every single day.

Dear Gym I promise to visit soon.

Dear Helzburg I am sure my husband would like it if you stopped emailing me, I am pretty sure after my last purchase I am in time out ;).
(I just checked my email - there's another from you in there right now that makes 3 in the last 2 days)

Dear Marcy thanks for the laughs!

Dear D Sorry its been a crazy ass week - 1 down 8 more to go?? LOL  I'm working on juggling  it all..

Dear April thanks for moving my hair appointment all around, a few times...

The following is all the shit that made me laugh this week... Thank you internet

That last one flat cracked me up and I full on laughed for about 20 minutes - my sides hurt so bad..

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