Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Race day Photos - a link up


Why do race day photos always look like crap??

1. My first race - Turkey Trot Thanksgiving day on the Sprint Campus 
2. The Glow Run Summer of 2012
3. The Glow Run Summer 2012
4. The Plaza 10K fall 2012 -  where I tore my medial meniscus about mile 3..
5. Limping over the Plaza 10K finish line
6. The Diva Dash 2013 - first race back after knee surgery
7. The Diva Dash 2013 finishers medal
8. The Plaza 10K finishers medal - still thinking of framing that bitch

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  1. Girl!! Tearing your medial meniscus?!?! God love ya! But still getting out there even after surgery?!? BAD ASS!!
    Thanks for linking up!! :)

    1. Thanks!! Yeah there was a 4 month waiting period before I could get back out there now I am working on shaving time off again

  2. These are great pics... You are a strong lady I am so glad you linked up.. So fun to share the pics:)

  3. So proud of you!!!! Great pics!


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